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What's that, YOU want to buy me a pint?

If you think this website has entertained you or even humoured you, then it is totally up to you to buy or not to buy me a pint.

If this website has just inspired you to appreciate the minute details in life and you are now bursting with kindness or generosity then go ahead. Jubilant cheers to you if you want to buy me a pint. 

If this website reminded you that you need to go on a holiday, say a personal break either on an adventure or most especially a romantic getaway with that special someone in your life? Then book yourself the experience because it would be crazy not to do so... And you don't have to buy me a pint now. You can however, buy me a pint when you comeback with your exciting and colourful stories to share.


The "tradition" lives.

I believe that being a "starving artist" is a well known and time-honoured traditional lifestyle for some creative individuals. I am not bohemian yet. Not that I know of, according to the standards set by Henri Murger on the book 'Scènes de la vie de bohème'.

Nevertheless, the money that I will hopefully save because you shouted me a cold, crisp and pleasurably quenching pint will go on funding this project's life for however long I can sustain it.  I do suggest that you check 'For the Love of Beer and Brew' for some golden inspiration.


Sustainable work on your wall.

This is the most important part on this page.

If you like any photos here and you want it in digital format so you can get it printed on paper or canvas or any media, framed or unframed, I am willing to give you a copy of the photo in exchange for a donation. You could probably get brilliant photos from Getty, Shutterstock, etc., but with my travel photos, I could tell you a story behind it (it is not just a serial-numbered photo).  If you want a copy of the original, it relates to a fee that gives you the right to reproduce it for personal or home use and non-business related activities i.e. gifts to love ones, mural in bathrooms, printed book on your coffee table, etc.....  I will remove the watermark on your copy however, the metadata still exist. The photos in my gallery are all Low-Res so this pages load quicker. Some of the original files are massive and if you are lucky you can probably blow them up to billboard size.

I am generous with my works and would normally give my 'subjects' a digital copy (watermarked) to post on their social media pages absolutely free and no questions asked as long as they credit me the piece.

Anyways, aside from passion and persistence, funding will help sustain my creative work.  Up to you if you think its worth it.



If you think I am good enough to shoot your photos for you on a particular event or on an adventure of your own choosing (I love adventures) or even perhaps you just want someone to capture an essence of your personality that you want to express through photography, then contact me.  It is surely a discussion to be had.   And, if I can't take on the challenge logistically or due to lack of resources, I also have a network of photographers that would potentially be interested to take on the job.

Nearly there.

 In the words of Clint - "Go ahead punk, make my day".  I am not going to stop you if you insist on buying me a pint... And, I also entertain any other queries so just fire me an email.


Yes, I will shout a pint of ale!