Back in 2014, I documented my enthusiasm for beer whilst travelling in Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria) and Prague (Czech Republic) then passing through London (England) to holiday in Edinburgh (Scotland) and Paris (France) and then back to Perth (Australia) as well as a side trip to Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

I think it is fitting to continue this colourful and delicious enthusiasm because beer is made of magic if one knows how to appreciate it with sophistication and style. No, I certainly not condone Gustave down the pub guzzling VB whilst his mates were shouting “Skull! Skull! Skull!” on ‘ten-dollar-a jug’ evening or his partner Genevieve who was lifted upside down by her ankles whilst sucking a petrol-ised concoction of Emu Bitter through a tube. I mean, by all means, be a Viking when one is in Valhalla but for goodness sake, let me gentlemanly enjoy my beer whilst I walk the Earth.

Without further adieu and disruption from Monsieur Gustave and Madame Genevieve, here’s my beer travel documentary:

Budapest, Hungary

Beer no. 1. My first local (Hungarian) beer accompanied by a serving of Hungarian pizza just before watching Chelsea FC vs QPR in an English-themed pub (1 Nov '14). The pub is a walking distance from where I am staying and an old train station (Budapest-Nyugati designed by Eiffel who is famous for the Eiffel Tower in Paris) — at The Pointer Pub Budapest.

Beer no. 2 is a Hungarian beer called Dreher. Consumed at this club which houses 3 bars, a bistro, beer garden and 6 separate dance floors. — at Instant.

Beer no. 3 is Pilsner Urquell from Czech. — at Instant.

Then I had a break and stuffed my face with this Hungarian Chips and shared it with some cool peeps.

Hungarian chips?

Beer no. 4 is Kozel, a lager from Czech. — at Instant.

First Class cabin on a Railjet train - On my way to Vienna

Beer no. 5 is the original Budweiser Budvar from Czech. This one is accompanying me on the Railjet towards the Austrian border. Budweise Budvar original from Czech is my Last beer on Hungarian soil.

Ticket from Budapest to Wein or Vienna.

Meanwhile on the Austrian side

The Austrian country side is a bit overcast but the wind farm is all systems go. Oh, this is such a beer weather so I ordered one. Then...

As soon as I poured this one, the sun came out. Beer no. 6 is a Munich Helles style lager brewed in Vienna. It is like instant sunny day.. Yayy

Vienna, Austria

Beer no. 7 is Gösser from Loeben, Austria and this is a shout out for Kyle !

True to my words, I raised it and finished it.... Mates bring comfort amidst chaos and this was a pint-full of respite from getting lost in Vienna. Cheers to you mate! — at Pickwick's International Pub, Book and Video store. (Kyle replied – “It looks scrumptious”.)

Beer no. 8 is Kozel which is a Lager brewed in Czech. Yes, by this time my beer pouring skills was short of atrocious and me being so knackered, would be such a lame excuse. And besides, I coped a lot on this already from Sofia and so I am owning this, hooves'n'all! — at Pickwick's International Pub, Book and Video store.

Prague, Czech Republic

First evening in this gorgeous city. Beer no. 9 is a Staropramen Czech Lager. Drinking this outside the hotel I am staying in. I can see my room from this beer patio. 

Beer no. 10 is Krusovice Psenicne which is a Czech Brewed Wheat Beer. This is a shout out to Ms. Jane  (Ms Jane replied – “Mm mm looks yum, cheers love x”)

Beer no. 11 This time, it is not just about the beer but the significance of the bar. This is the oldest bar in Prague and the second oldest in Europe. The beer is Pilsener Urquell. — at Municipal House.


 eanwhile whilst nearly everyone I know in Oz was asleep.....

It has to happen...

I wanted it to be a silhouette of me (like batman) but alright, this is as good as it gets!

400+ beers waiting for the taking

Beer no. 12 was owned by the Royalty that started the World War I. This is timely for Remembrance Day. Guess if you must but for Feck Sake, KNOW your history, just saying!


Just when I'd thought appreciating beer is easy, this chart has just raised the challenge to a new height. — at Czech Beer Museum.

Na zdraví !!!  Feast your eyes on these... All the registered Czech Beers (as of 2014).

Beer no. 13 is Zatec Dark (alc 5.7%) from the Czech Town of Zatec which grows it's own hops which the town celebrate the yearly harvest by having a beerfest. The town's hop plantation is a staggering 4 square meters - really they've got an awesome excuse to perteeee!

Beer no. 14 is Jisra which is an abbreviation of something really really reallllly loooong Czech words/names. American style pale ale, blonde and very hoppy - so bitter!  Alc of 4.1%

Beer no. 15 is an Olivetinsky Opat Pepr... It is a pepper-tasting beer, unpasteurised lager, bottom fermented with pepper added in the process... It smells good surprisingly. It is Czech Lager with Alc of 5.0% — at Czech Beer Museum.

Pumpkin!   Beer no. 16 is a Permon Pumpkin Ale brewed in Sokolov, Czech in the style of american pale ale. It tastes sweet and smells nice but has a strong punch with an Alc. of 5.8%. Comes only in 0.5L bottles. — at Czech Beer Museum.

Beer no. 17 is the winner of the prestigious international 'World's Best Beer of the Year' for 2013. It is the Primator Weizenbier from Nazod, Czech. It tastes so luxurious. Alc. of 5.0%. There is a stronger version of this so watch this space

Beer no. 18 is a Permon Black IPA. Tasted like burnt fruity beer but nice. Alc of 5.7%. — at Czech Beer Museum.

Beer no. 19 is a smoked lager called Holy Rat brewed in Petrov, Czech. Aromatic and spicy with Alc of 5.2%. — at Czech Beer Museum.

10.0% Alcohol, this Son Of A Gun!  The Strongest Beer I have had so far. Beer no. 20 is a Primator Double 24* brewed in the style of Baltic Porter coming from Nachod, Czech. — at Czech Beer Museum.

By this time I was already getting so wasted.... But, it had to happen!

Beer no. 21 is Cornel IPA 14* from Trebic, Czech with Alc. of 5.8%.

I was appreciating IPAs more than lager at this point and so I was served this one.... Then another.... And another.

The most bitter beer brewed in Czech with Alc of 7.8%.  Beer no. 22 is another IPA called Pelican Nomad IPA brewed in a monastery in Brevnosky, Czech.  Why did they brew something like this???? Simple answer- because they can. Bloody Monks! I am DRUNK!

"F*ck yer" the barman yelled out and I stood up then replied "WTF! F*ck yer too!!!!". That was awkward because I just realised at that point he was handing me a "Fakir" which is Beer no. 23... Or the 12th and definitely last beer of the night for me because I was already way past drunk o'clock and so vulnerably getting wasted. 

Permon 18* Fakir IPA is from Sokolov, Czech with Alc of 8.3%.


Last night, the good people at the bar got me a taxi to take me back to my hotel but I was feeling like a silly rebel so I had decided to walk instead - It was painful. But, not as painful as the following day.

I found this on a leaflet carefully folded inside my leather jacket... I must have saved the leaflet just before I got so smashed from tasting rare Czech beers.

 "Greatest beer in the world" - Esquire Magazine!

This was the last beer I had in Czechlandia before I flew out. I guess I was lucky to have accidentally walked into a place serving this beer. The pub is in the basement of an Art College opposite the Royal Opera House and is packed with local and international postgrad students majority of them talking about their films and cinematography seemingly critiquing each other's works.   Esquire Magazine described this as the "Greatest beer in the world" -Beer no. 24 is Budweiser "Bud B:STRONG" running for limited time and packs with Alc of 7.5%.

Over Belgian Airspace on my way to Edinburgh, Scotland

Meanwhile, breakfast over Belgian airspace was beer and muffin.

The stewardess said "very good choice sir".  Beer no. 25 is Leffe Blonde brewed in an abby in Leffe, Belgium. Alc of 6.6%. This beer is one of my favourites.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The beer for the bravest and the fiercest!   Beer no. 26 is British-brewed Nepalese beer. It was named after the Gurkhas who served under the British Army. Alc of 4.8% served in 660ml bottle. — at The Gurkha Nepalese Restaurant Edinburgh.

It uses only the world's most expensive hop - such luxury in a beer. Beer no. 27 is Heverlee Premium Belgian Lager originally brewed in Leuven, Belgium. Alc of 4.8%. — at The Smallest Pub in Scotland.

Inspector Rebus and Ian Rankin drink this! Beer no. 28 is Deuchars IPA and brewed in the last remaining brewery in Edinburgh - Caledonian Brewery. Alc of 3.8% — at The Oxford Bar.

Beer no. 29 is Bitter & Twisted which is a blonde beer brewed in Alva, Scotland. Alc of 4.2 and is very fruity or aromatic. — at Whistlebinkies.

Very Blonde!   Beer no. 30 is Golden XPA which is another aromatic Blonde/Golden Ale. Alc of 4.3% brewed by Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh. — at Loch25.

Beer no. 31 is the Spanish San Miguel Beer which is a golden pilsener lager. Alc of 5.0%. — at Carters Bar.

Ideal Session Beer!   Beer no. 32 is Belhaven's Best honey-coloured draught ale brewed in Dunbar, Scotland. Alc of 3.2% and is very smooth.

Beer no. 33 is definite Sushi Bar favourite of mine. It is a Sapporo Premium Beer brewed originally in Sapporo. Alc of 4.7%.

 eer no. 34 is the most reliable beer in my opinion. Half a pint of Guinness is somehow absolutely sounds weird but I like it all the same. The people who really really know me would testify to that. Cheers to "Beer Support". In my opinion, you have solid credibility than...... (Whatever you think of, I can only guess.) — at The Smallest Pub in Scotland.

Really, not kidding!

Beer no. 35 is Fosters from 'Straya.  Nothing to say here. 'Strayans don't even drink this but there is always a first time. Alc 4.0%.

In transit in London, England heading to Paris, France

It is indeed sunny in London today.   Beer no. 36 is London Pride premium ale brewed in London. Alc of 4.7%. — at British Airways Heathrow T5 Club & First Class Passengers Lounge.

Landed in Paris, France

Drinking with the locals....

OMG, I ran out of french. Beer no. 37 is Kronenbourg Lager from France. Alc of 5%. — at O'Sullivans Backstage by the mill.

I. Am. So. Lost. In. Paris.

Beers kept coming like it is running out of fashion. — at O'Sullivans Backstage by the mill.

Tall and slender?  Beer no. 37 is Edelweiss wheat beer brewed in Salzburg, Austria. The waiter served it with lemon which made it nice with steak and chips. Alc of 5.4%. — at Le Basilic, Paris.


Beer tasting!   Beer no 38 to Beer no. 43 is a line up of O'Hara's brew....

No clue - will do my research

From the right :

Beer no. 38 - Irish pale ale dry hoped, very aromaticc and bitter American-Irish Pale Ale with Alc of 5.2%.

Beer no. 39 - Curim gold celtic wheat beer and very fruity (peach, banana and plum). Alc of 4.3%.... See More — in Paris, France.

Back in Perth, Australia

Beer 44. I have set a fair goal: I can't pop the top off until I have finished building this beauty and got my ass on its leather seat.

Beer no. 44 is a summer beer from Australia. Bicycle beer is brewed in Brunswick East, Victoria by Temple Brewing Company. Alc of 4.2% and very hoppy which I am guessing they've used only the finest Australian hops (which I have learnt that they are sought after by some Czech craft brewers). This beer is also nice when served at room temperature.

Side Trip in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Beer no. 45 is Guinness Foreign Extra Stout distributed in Asia and brewed in Malaysia. This one is hoppy and packs 6.8% Alc. It is indeed black as night. Cambodia's current hot month (April) has forced me to sit on the floor right under my air conditioner so I can cool myself down and enjoy this one. It is relatively small in volume compared to other Guinness I had but higher alcohol content.

Beer no. 46 is Angkor Premium Beer which is Cambodia's national beer. It is a lager, very mild and watery or light bodied which makes it an easy drink for hot weather like today (37C). It has 5.5% alc content, less hoppy and malty enough. It is still not the beer of choice for my liking but for US$0.78 a bottle, I am not complaining. You get what you've paid for. Cheap beer, just saying.

Well, this will continue..... Until the next update.


Enjoy your beer. Drink it with sophistication and style - don't think twice, just feel good about appreciating the moment because you are not alone.