I am not really a massive fan of Russell Crowe and in fact, I am not really a massive fan of anyone. I do like brilliant films though and have a copy of ‘A Beautiful Mind’, ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Master And Commander’ somewhere in my shelf.  The latter is my to-go-to film from time to time until I came across this film ‘The Water Diviner’.

This film was beautifully shot. The cinematography speaks for itself. The story is magnificent and it captured my emotion - very inspiring.  Just to be honest, the film is not about the war, at least not in my opinion. And one could say it is not historically accurate but its relative value relies on the three aspects that I really like:



It is true that a strong-willed and loving father will do whatever it takes to provide and protect his sons or daughters no matter how grown up his kids are; or in most cases, no matter how old he is because fatherhood is a lifetime commitment. I saw this quality in my Dad, who did his best to provide shelter to my four brothers and four sisters and I.  My father had a very firm handshake and I knew it tells something about him. He was a brave man, persistent and loving.  I really loved shaking my Dad’s hand just before I wrap my arms around him whenever I come home.


Exotic lands and the voyage by rail or by ship excite me. I am hoping to travel to Istanbul one day when I am again able to jet set. I want to sit in the streets there and enjoy a strong cup of coffee. I am imagining perhaps it would be on a Sunday afternoon when the sun is out and I have my scarf and my camera wrapped loosely on my neck whilst watching everything that goes on around me; looking at every detail of the life that unfolds right before my very eyes and capturing the essence of the moments through my travel-worn lenses.


In this film, there was Loss and way so much of it, but eventually there was Love. Love knows no age and truly knows no boundaries. Its method was humbly embellished with glimpses, smiles and occasional denials. How do I put this? It was silent enough that it became profoundly loud.


There is a tiny gem at the end of this film - an endearing song. I actually suggest that you play the song and re-read this post.  The song has been ripped countless times when the film was first released on DVD because there was nowhere to download it from. It was eventually released on iTunes nearly after a year because a lot of people demanded the song to be downloadable.

Below is my most favourite lines from that song:


“Time.... is now a friend to me

You make me feel adored

When I look into your eyes....

It's like I've never been,

Never been loved before.”


Love Was My Alibi” sung by Kristoffer Fogelmark and was co-written or co-composed by Russell Crowe.


It is a Feel Good film.